Your incision has been closed with absorbable sutures under the skin and staples.  The staples should be removed about 2 weeks after surgery.  This will be done in my office or by a nurse that comes to your home.  At home, you may shower, but do not sit in the bath, hot tub or swimming pool until 1 week after the staples have been removed.
Keep the incision dry and avoid creams or ointments until 1 week after the staples have been removed. 

Physical Therapy

In the hospital, you received therapy and gait training with crutches or a walker.  You should continue to use the crutches or walker until instructed otherwise.  Depending on your pelvic fracture, you may be allowed to bear weight on one leg, both or neither.  Your specific restrictions have been determined by your injury pattern and reconstructive surgery.  If weight bearing is restricted on one or both legs, it is extremely important to abide by the restrictions.  If you put weight on the affected side too early, you could cause failure of the implants and require another surgery to reconstruct the pelvis again.  This is much more difficult and results are worse.

Unless instructed otherwise, there are no restrictions on hip motion.  You can sit, stand or lie in any position, which is comfortable for you at home.


You have been provided with medication for pain while at home.  Antibiotics are sometimes given to treat or prevent infection.  After surgery, you have also been placed on a blood thinning medicine to prevent blood clot formation.  This will be in pill form or an injection you give to yourself.  It is very important to take the blood thinners until instructed to stop.

Follow Up

Your first follow up appointment will be 6 weeks after your surgery.  If your operation was at Jewish or Norton’s Hospital, please call my office.  If your operation was at University of Louisville Hospital, please call the University Clinic for an appointment.

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