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Jonathan Yerasimides M.D.
Hip Replacement

Conditions & Procedures

Normal Anatomy of the Hip joint

How does the Hip joint work?
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Total Hip Replacement (THR)

Total Hip Replacement (THR) procedure replaces total or part of the hip joint with an artificial device (prosthesis) to alleviate pain and restore joint movement.

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Revision Hip Replacement

This maybe because complete or a part of your previous hip replacement needs to be revised. This operation varies from a very minor adjustment to a massive operation replacing significant amount of bone and hence is difficult to describe in full.

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Anterior Approach Total Hip Replacement

The first hip replacement performed through the anterior approach was by Robert Judet in 1947 at Garches Hospital in Paris. Today Thierry Judet, the son of Robert Judet continues to use this approach for hip replacement. Prof. Thierry Judet, Chief of Orthopedics at Garches, has used this approach for over 20 years and more than 2000 cases. It has been the preferred technique for primary and revision hip replacement at Garches since 1947.